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Experience the future of PC multiplayer shooters with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Online. Step into the boots of an elite Ghost and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you fight as one with your squad mates to dominate the enemy on tomorrow’s battlefield. Connect and compete with your friends online - all this and more, for free!

Lead the attack, go stealth, or provide support for your squad; the choice is yours as you choose from the Assault, Recon and Specialist classes. Select from an arsenal of hi-tech Devices and weapons as you customize your Ghost to best complement your squad mates, and to meet the tactical demands of the battlefield.

Test your skills in 16-player firefights in the Onslaught and Conquest games modes. Team play will be critical for success as squads attempt to capture or defend key strategic points.

As a free-to-play online shooter, you will be able to download and experience Ghost Recon Online for free. You can enhance your experience by using Requisition Points or the premium Ghost Coins to purchase and equip your Ghost with weapons and gear. 

Ghost Recon online features :

Become the Ultimate Ghost
With a persistent character system, your Ghost will evolve as you level up. Unlock new and more powerful equipment as you rise through the ranks in Ghost Recon Online. Select from 00’s of enhancements as you customize your Devices, weapons and armor on your way to becoming the ultimate Ghost. 

Classes and Devices
Pick from three Classes - Assault, Specialist, or Recon to suit your particular style of play. Each Class has access to 2 unique Devices each. Whether it’s the searing pain of HEAT or the speed and power of Blitz for the Assault, the intel-gathering capability of the Oracle or the stealth of Cloak for the Recon, the ballistic protection of the AEGIS or the power of the Blackout for the Specialist, each Ghost can turn the tide of the battle with the strategic use of these Devices.

Fight as One
Overcome your enemies as you complement the strengths of your squad mates with the unique skills and equipment of your Ghost. The Class Devices and Squad Support systems make playing as a team intuitive and highly effective. Squad communication is also enhanced with the in-game Voice Chat feature.

Deep and Engaging Multiplayer Modes
Engage in fierce 16-player online firefights with your friends and enemies across 4 distinct maps. Take on your opponents in the objective-based Onslaught and Conquest modes.

AAA Shooter, For Free!
Ghost Recon Online delivers a premium PC shooter experience for free. You decide if you want to further enhance your GRO experience by purchasing game items with Requisition Points or the premium Ghost Coins.

Download the game now, for free, on the official Ghost Recon Online Website!

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